Light is the main element in the enjoyment of works of art, but it can also be the most damaging. By using our LED lighting solutions, which emit no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, the full spectrum of colours of the works can be highlighted correctly.

Thanks to the very high CRI of our fixtures, the results are outstanding, ensuring the artwork is the centre of attention.

Light must emphasize the beauty of a work, giving prominence to details and colour, and should never become an obstructive element of disturbance. The level of miniaturization possible with LED products is an irreplaceable advantage in this very delicate domain.

On this page, small photo:
Alberto de Braud, Fine del Gioco (End of the Game). Museo Diocesano, Milan
Lighting design:
Marco Pollice

On this page, large photo:
Gianfranco Ferroni, Retrospective Exhibition Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo
Lighting design: Roberto Catellani
Design: Architect Mario Botta