Bespoke lighting design is essential, whether you are renovating or as part of a new build, if you want to bring your ideas to life. Having the correct design for your project helps in setting the mood, offers an appealing look and helps define the space.

As it is such an important consideration you may want to put your lighting design into the hands of a bespoke lighting company.

What is bespoke lighting design?

If you want your newly built or renovated space to stand out and bring the idea that you have in your head into reality, you need to consider custom lighting.

Bespoke lighting design is lighting that has been specifically designed to meet your requirements. The planning and design take into account ways to incorporate layers of natural and electric lighting so that it brings the most out of your space and any features you wish to stand out.

The lighting is designed and tailor-made to light up your space, the design is unique to your project. From the planning and design to the installation, the finished design illuminates a particular space to meet the exact needs of the owner.

Of course, as the lighting is tailored from start to finish you cannot just walk into any lighting store. You need a bespoke lighting company to design and bring to life your dream for the space.

Why do you need a bespoke lighting company?

The right bespoke lighting design can be the difference between your space looking merely good, to being unique and having the wow factor. You might have an idea in your head about the custom lighting you need and how you want your space to look, but where can you purchase it? How can you implement your ideas? This is where a specialist LED lighting consultant can help.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you need a bespoke lighting company working on your project.

  • You have an idea in your head for the lighting but don’t know where to start;
  • You need help in choosing the right type of custom lighting for your project;
  • You need help in planning to give the effect you require;
  • You want your lighting to stand out visually;
  • You want to optimise the visual, technical and non-visual components of the space with lighting;
  • You want to set a specific mood to a particular space;
  • You need energy-efficient lighting for a large space.

A bespoke lighting company will be able to work with you from start to finish ensuring you obtain the correct design and type of lighting to fulfil your requirements. Professionals will discuss your ideas and design and work alongside other professionals on your project, including architects, interior designers, electricians and more.

Different types of bespoke custom lighting

Architectural lighting transforms any space and there are numerous choices and types of lighting available. Here are some of the most common.

Linear strip lighting

Linear strip lighting is a very effective way of achieving the effect you desire for your space.

It is often used to bring the eye to a stand-out feature in the space or create a dramatic centre that is dark by fitting linear lighting around the edge of the ceiling.

If you have key architectural elements you want to show off, linear lighting may be a good choice of custom lighting for your project. It can also be used to create good effects on ceilings and walls.

An LED lighting consultant will be able to sit down and discuss your custom lighting needs.

Accent lighting for key features

Accent lighting can be included in your bespoke lighting design project and there is no better choice if you want to highlight a key feature in your space.

You might want to consider accent lighting to highlight objects, sculptures, paintings, a niche or perhaps a vaulted ceiling or anything else, to make them stand out.

To be effective when used in your lighting scheme, the lights need to be set at a level which enhances the feature from the rest of the lighting in the space.

To incorporate accent lighting in your project, talk with a bespoke lighting company about how they can meet your needs.

Wall wash lighting

Wall wash lighting can add a dramatic effect to any interior space. Wall wash lighting may be fitted into or on walls or floor to ceiling, both creating different effects.

Light washes the wall and is great for illuminating any vertical surface where you wish to provide a gentle soft glow with ambient lighting. This type of lighting is often used to complement a space and create an effect of spaciousness within a narrow room.


Uplights are often used in bespoke lighting design projects to increase drama and height.

This type of lighting allows you to focus light exactly where you need it and want to draw the eye of people. For example, you could use uplights to bring the eye to a feature or to create an area with shadows for extra interest.

The benefits of custom lighting

The benefits of custom lighting are many, whether you want bespoke lighting design for your home or a commercial project.

The quality of the lighting, placement and style affects many different factors, it’s not just about lighting up a room. The correct lighting design goes towards creating a welcoming atmosphere in any place, a comfortable atmosphere, visibility, safety, it can improve the mood and even how people interact socially. When in the hands of a bespoke lighting company you can enjoy the benefits of expertise in all of the above areas and more.

Bespoke lighting design helps you to get the most out of your space and create the perfect environment.

To find out more about how Luminart can help you with your design talk to our expert LED lighting consultant about your project and lighting requirements.  We have an unrivalled knowledge of lighting systems along with new and emerging technologies. We can make a positive difference to your project thanks to our extensive range of services, planning skills and bespoke lighting solutions.