Private residence – Chandelier

If you are looking for something special, something standout different from the off the shelf solutions, we have the knowledge and skills to design, manufacture and even install a truly bespoke lighting solution.

Creative Lighting

From designing the unique brackets which in this case had to be installed before the ceiling was completed, to create a seamless right through to installing the completed bespoke light fitting.

Private residence – Chandelier

Constructed in sheet steel and powder coated in matt white, the frame was them married with diffusing panels specially designed to create a homogenous light performance. A series of High CRI LEDs were used in recessed installation positions to ensure that there were no shadows or high spots.




Private residence–Chandelier

This stunning chandelier is 3.7m x 1.1m and was suspended on hollow rods from a double height ceiling to prevent movement and give the impression of the light floating over the dining room table.