The design of architectural lighting whether a public space, auditorium, contemporary or historical building is not only a way of adding a different dimension to the building or space, but also provides a powerful marketing tool.

Hospitality and Hotel Lighting

Whether it is temporary Hospitality Lighting or permanenet Hotel lighting design you are looking for, both areas are the perfect example of where a range of our products can be utilised, due to the balanced colour consistancy throughout our exisiting products.

Each room, from the reception to the corridors, the lounge to the restaurant, must offer well balanced lighting which emphasises the function and welcomes guests throughout their stay.

We offer a wide array of products which provide you with the flexibility to integrate these with our bespoke lighting solutions, allowing the creation of
visibly striking light installations.

Retail and Offices

Office lighting design and retail lighting has been proved to significantly influence our mood, productivity and even our purchasing decisions. Therefore creating an aesthetically pleasing lighting scheme can make a big difference for everyone who comes into contact with the Lighting design.

Office lighting needs to be motivating and calming as well as supporting the sensitivity of the staff working there. We spend many hours of our day and our lives in a working environment; it is therefore fundamental that the lighting is comfortable and effective.

The days of installing a large quantity of light to flood a working area thankfully are in the past, instead the emphasis is now on the result of the light and getting the right quantity of quality light positioned to develop the desired atmosphere.

Bespoke Lighting Solutions

We provide you with sound advice, skills and knowledge gathered from hundreds of completed projects. Whether it is an architectural lighting solution you seek, such as a building façade to the illumination of a gallery piece. Or perhaps a bespoke curved backlight for an art installation is what you are looking for. Whatever your requirement, we are confident we can offer a solution. Looking for something out of the ordinary, or perhaps you have a lighting design which you would like to see become reality. We specialise in bringing together a diverse skill set, from glass to metal work, optics to thermal management, all of this we combine with more than 20 years’ experience of working with LED Lighting, to create truly individual, bespoke lighting products.

Light is an art form all of its own, the way it alters and influences materials, walls, pictures, rooms, buildings and spaces has a tremendous impact on our lives, practically, emotionally and creatively.


In the luxury environment of a private yacht, the need for the highest quality is never more evident. Not only does the light have to accurately illuminate spaces furnished with some of the finest materials available today, they also need to be constructed in such a way to offer increased reliability for an environment which is subjected to movement and vibration, our marine LED lighting is the perfect solution.

The very nature of the private yacht demands bespoke lighting solutions and creative, high performance products specifically designed to meet the demanding performance criteria such projects require. Where a product does not exist or needs to be custom made, again our diverse skills and extensive experience of producing unique Light designs is at the forefront of the services we offer.