Whatever challenge you set, we will meet it head on, through our extensive knowledge and delivery of reliable, value lighting projects
Luminart is an incredibly motivated and inspiring company, which appears to never give up looking for the best way to achieve their customers’ lighting needs. The combined knowledge of products is exemplary and innovation is at the heart of their approach to any works. They clearly and concisely communicate at all levels, and work to very exacting standards at all times.
Andy Robinson

Business Services Manager , Gazprom Energy

Luminart is an amazingly innovative and powerful lighting strategist company which understands projects beyond their initial scope or scale. Not only do they have the technical skill and knowledge, but they are entirely user-friendly; able to deal directly with clients and bring things down to a level where an entire team can feel ownership in the process and end results. True professionals with whom I look forward to working time and time again
Lauri Bianchi

Sponsorship and Marketing Expert, Ashford University Alumni Relations Manager

In a multi-disciplinary design practice such as ours, while a practical and pragmatic approach is essential, it must never be allowed to compromise or limit creativity within the design concept. No matter how many obstacles arise, they keep finding solutions for us. We find LED technology an exciting design opportunity, but we recognise that for us to be successful in its use, we need in-depth knowledge and wide experience of specialist lighting solutions. Michael and his team have provided us with all this and more. Not only does their team deliver excellence, but they thrive on the challenge of exceeding their clients’ expectations.
Russel Mulchansingh

Head of Design Modelling & Visualisation, Nokia UK

I first met Michael whilst touring with Robbie Williams in 2001 where he and his team had supplied the LED screens, and later had the privilege of supplying him directly on a custom lighting controls project. Michael brought energy and belief to a unique project with a brief that was so tight that many said it was impossible! He has a fantastic ability to inspire all who work alongside him; ensuring success is combined with enjoyment…
Sam Woodward

Customer Education Leader, Europe and Africa at Lutron Electronics

Luminart answered each one of our challenging briefs with highly effective, cost efficient creativity. They are a seemingly endless source of ideas and solutions to any architectural, design focused lighting project they are presented with. Headed up by Michael Smillie, who is highly motivated and also a thoroughly personable chap, making working with Luminart a pleasure.
Steve Geroldi

Blackbox - Board Sports, Bespoke Retail design

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael and Luminart on numerous projects since 1998. Michael is an incredibly creative person who finds the right solution, for the right price and goes all out to exceed expectations every time. He is incredibly detailed in his approach and execution of projects and where others may cut corners Michael goes that extra mile. His client skills are excellent, he always gets along with everyone on the team and no matter how complex the project, he makes it one that you want to be working on. I look forward to working with Michael for many years to come.
Scott Ashton Promotions

Founder and CEO , Quintessential

Michael is a true LED industry professional and it is always a pleasure working with him and his team at Luminart, whether discussing new opportunities or just to chat about the state of the industry. They communicate their needs in an articulate manner, supported by experience and a broad general knowledge which makes sourcing for Luminart an enjoyable experience. I look forward to working with Michael and his team again in the near future.
Dave Bateman

, Bateman Consulting

Michael is an honest professional who I have known for over 14 years.

We have successfully worked together on some exciting projects in challenging environments and I have always found him to be reliable and creative…a person who likes to get the job done.

Gino Malocca

Owner , Visual Poke Ltd

At a time in my life when I was transitioning from University graduate to full time career, Michael opened my eyes to the way that sales were conducted and contracts won.

Although our professional paths have diverged in recent years, I have always tried to keep in touch with Michael and his new business ventures, mutually passing on leads whenever appropriate.

The parallels of LED lighting and LED video screens will, I’m sure, continue to throw us together in the professional world.

When this happens, as in the past, I’m convinced it will be a creative, fun and profitable process for all involved.

If the chance arises for you to work with Michael, I’d endorse him from the outset

Tom Mudd

Technical Director, Display LED Scfreens Limited

One of our close associates had worked with Luminart through one of his previous companies and recommended them to us for the teams’ extensive knowledge of the application of LEDs in specialised lighting features. We were seeking to provide a unique lighting experience in a 5 storey glass atrium in London’s Soho district and recognised we would need specialised skills and experience if we were to achieve our design objectives.

At the time we had no idea that we would need to push their skills to the limit, but not only did they rise to the challenge, they seemed to thrive on it. Their attention to detail and project management capability was impressive and an essential contribution to our ultimate success. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
When this happens, as in the past, I’m convinced it will be a creative, fun and profitable process for all involved.

If the chance arises for you to work with Michael, I’d endorse him from the outset

Declan Duffey

Stuart Duffey Appleton Architects, London

It is not every day that one encounters a supplier who can deliver on all aspects of a project. Understanding and interpreting the brief seemed second nature to the team at Luminart and their input in the early stages of the design concepts proved invaluable. This high standard was consistent throughout all the project phases, and the final quality of the delivered product exceeded expectations. Their assistance during installation finally capped off what had been a successful and highly enjoyable working relationship – one we fully intend to continue
Simon Dove

Hoare Lea, Bristol